Mes concerts

Voici les prochains concerts et dates de Claire Bucelle.

Janvier 2015

Le Bal des Vampires

  • Violon solo dans “Le Bal de Vampires “de Roman Polanski : 21Janvier à 15h et 20h, 22, 27 et 31 Janvier
  • Concert avec l’orchestre “Les Grandes Voix”, en l’église Saint Paul (Paris 4ème), sous la direction de Sesto Quatrini le 29 Janv

Février 2015

  • Violon solo dans “Le Bal de Vampires “de Roman Polanski : 1er, 3, 5, 12 et 14 février à 15h et 20h
  • concert le 8 février à 16H30 à la Philarmonie de Paris, en tant que supplémentaire à l’orchestre de chambre de Paris.

Duo Bucelle/Kolstadbilde

The Norwegian pianist and composer Aksel Kolstad had his debut concert in Carnegie Hall, NYC, in October 2010 with a full house and a standing ovation after finishing his master studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music performing all of George Gershwins piano concertos in 2008. He is also considered as the Franz Liszt of our time through his own virtuoso pieces for piano. Kolstad is a unique artist that has already drawn interest from a lot of international press. He frequently appears in concert halls in Russia, Estonia, China and Norway.

Together, Claire Bucelle and Aksel Kolstad, represent a duo with a magnificent sound and an extreme energy that amazes most audiences with their interpretation of both standard repertoire and contemporary music


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